Benefits Of A Video Doorbell

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If you are looking to install or upgrade your home surveillance system, make sure you consider how you are protecting your front door. Your front door is one of the main access points to your house. If you really want to make sure your house is secure, you need to be able to see who is at your front door. 

Using A Video Doorbell

Your video doorbell will be set up to connect to your local wifi system. Your doorbell will be equipped with a camera as well as a two way communication system. 

The Camera

The camera on your doorbell will be motion activated. It will start recording whenever anyone gets within a certain distance from your door. The camera will be set up to record anything within 180 degrees. Most doorbell cameras use infrared LED in order to capture images at night. 

The Video

All videos will be recorded in HD. You can set up where the video is sent. Since the doorbell will be connected to your wifi system, you can have the videos streamed to your computer or smartphone.  You can even set the system up so that you can record all the videos to your hard drive. 

The Voice Communication

Your video doorbell will also serve as a two way communication device. You can talk to whomever is at your door, and they can respond to you as well. The doorbell is set up with a speaker system that is designed to cancel out background noise, and allow you to really hear whomever is speaking. 

You can even answer your door when you are not home. Since you can connect your doorbell to your smartphone or computer, you can "answer" your door even when you are not home and talk to the person on the other side! 

Installing A Video Doorbell

Once you choose which video doorbell company you want to use, you have a few installation options.

You can choose to have your new video doorbell hardwired into your current doorbell system. Your new doorbell will not need any extra batteries, as it will be connected to your electrical system. You will need to hire an electrician or an surveillance installation expert with an electrical background to install your new video doorbell.

If you want to save yourself some money, you don't have to hardwire your video doorbell. Instead, you can hang it up next to your door, and let it run off batteries. If you choose this option, you will need to make sure that you stay on top of changing the batteries to ensure that the system provide you with the security you need. 

If you really want to keep yourself safe, install a video doorbell. It allows you to monitor your front door, even when you are away from home. Talk to experts like Guardian Security Solutions in Lethbrigde for more information.