4 Things To Do That Can Save Your Life In A House Fire

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365,000 house fires ravage the United States every year. Yes, house fire rates are on the decline, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are 4 life saving tips that will increase your chances of surviving in a fire.

Don't Second Guess Your Fire Alarms

Most fire alarm systems have their smoke detectors designed to go off when any one detects smoke. Just because you don't smell or see smoke doesn't mean that you should disregard the smoke detector. These alarm systems were designed to give you more time to evacuate, so be sure to heed them. For more information, contact Exclusive Alarms Inc. or a similar company.

When in Doubt, Get Out

When you see an inordinate amount of smoke, evacuating the home will probably not be your first concern. Most people are usually more concerned with stopping the fire themselves or making sure that their valuables are all accounted for. Staying inside the home for any longer than you must greatly decreases your chances of survival.  This should be common sense, but when your adrenaline is rushing, it is hard to think rationally.

Safety First

Being calm during a house fire will probably not be possible, however; it is important that you get out of the house safely. Make sure that when you are making your exit that you are crouching or crawling. Smoke contains poisonous gas that can have serious repercussions if inhaled. If you inhale too much smoke, you could die within 20 minutes if not treated. Because smoke rises, it is easy to avoid by staying close to the ground.

Another tip to get out of the home safely is to feel door knobs before opening them. No one wants to open a door to find a fiery inferno hidden behind it. By testing the door knob for heat, you will definitely know if you are approaching or retreating from the fire in your home.

Call 911

It is better that many different sources call the fire department about the same fire than for no one to call. Don't assume that your neighbors have already called for you; do it yourself just to make sure. A few minutes during a raging house fire can determine if your home is salvageable or not. It is also important to seek medical attention even if you feel like you are healthy. Getting smoke in your system is extremely dangerous and needs to be quickly dealt with. Make the most of your time by calling 911 immediately after exiting the building.

Just knowing how to react to a fire will increase your chances of survival. Share these tips with your friends and family to maximize their chances of getting out safely in case of a house fire.